Hi world

Here be SITE 420, also known as THE SCORCHED SEA.

Where Terra's rage through fevered stage, doth melt her icy diadem.
Her ancient ice to tears enticed, as nations drown in sorrow's stream,
Ablaze she lies beneath the skies, life's cradle seethes in a fever dream.

Relentless waves of heat engrave, the signature of El Niño's hand,
Who with his breath of fiery death, conjures storms upon the land.
And mirrored in this wrath unfurled, my own contempt for those inert,
Who watch the end of the world, yet in their duty, they desert.

This is a place where information collects and organizes on a variety of topics. This site is simply one of whim and what lies here depend on the mood of the day. This site does not have a niche in particular.

Use the tags to navigate around, or check out the archive for a list of all entries. There's also the μ-journal page that has ramblings and some updates. The site is organized in a way that kind of makes sense at the time but suggestions are always welcome for how to make it better.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch through email.

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Vesper 'Joey Wheeler'